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Jagiellonian University

The Jagiellonian University (JU), founded in 1364 is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe. With almost 46 000 students enrolled, over 3600 academic teachers and almost 500 distinguished professors, JU provides 111 professionally focused course areas in the most notable fields (natural and social sciences, humanities, medicine etc.). For the past few years, JU has consistently occupied top positions in various rankings of the best universities in Poland. Being recognised worldwide, the JU is a member of the European University Association, Coimbra Group and the Utrecht Network. Jagiellonian University has been either a grant holder or a consortium member in a large number of Tempus and other international, multicentric educational and research projects. JU Centre for HE Research is engaged in expert work for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (university governance, quality assurance, qualifications framework, financial and legal issues for higher education etc.).

Principally, we will be seeking advice on quality assurance (as a key theme) in the Bologna Process. The JU has a sound reputation in this field; moreover, their experience in Tempus is also impressive. Because of the this latter experience, the University of Pristina-Mitrovica will see their oversight on technical measures in ECTS and QF (EQF) and will share with them the developments currently taking place in Belgrade and the Serbian QF. A senior member of JU will also be invited to sit on selected review panels (academic and non-academic)..

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