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Project summary

The project resides within the domain of quality assurance. The project proposal acknowledges support from CAQA (Belgrade) and from partners and stakeholders, but the University of Pristina -Mitrovica greatly values what it has termed 'the wider implications of quality assurance,' in recognizing the correlation between the future of K. Mitrovica and the demonstrable effects of quality assurance. Demographic problems relate to the exodus of students from the region to other parts the Balkans, where prosperity and economic development are more transparent and dramatic. As the University continues to grow and in many ways evidence excellence, and often in the most difficult of political circumstances, there is a need to build a formal reputation for quality in order to enhance its work, attract more students (currently there are 9,500), become more competitive within Serbia and move the University into centrally-recognized quality procedures towards a new University culture.

The University will establish a phased programme of quality assurance beginning with the Faculty of Law and will then extend to the other four faculties and to two non-academic departments. In parallel with the systematization of the Faculty of Law, the University will assemble an institutional policy for quality assurance, a quality overseer (senior-management member)faculty quality officers and a system for dissemination and operational strategy within a three-year programme for the duration of the support funding (EC: EACEA) which will support the setting up of University-wide quality systems and the review of the Faculty of Law and the four faculties mentioned above. After the completion of the Tempus project - in cooperation with the University (and CAQA Belgrade) - there will be a longer term sustainability plan with guaranteed financial support.
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