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Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University was founded on 1 January 2010 by the merger of two universities in the south-east of Sweden. The university has approximately 31 000 full-time students and 2000 employees. The University offers about 140 degree programmes in about 100 areas such as teaching, nursing, business administration, computer science, engineering, optometry, pharmacy, biomedical analysis, marine science and social work. The Linnaeus University has elaborated quality assurance procedures focusing on curriculum and quality development. The basic idea is to enhance the quality of learning outcomes. As a consequence the prerequisites and processes of teaching and learning are systematically evaluated. The quality system has been worked out in cooperation with expertise from Lund University, which plays a leading role in the development of the Swedish Higher Education quality system. This new university is the product of a will to improve the quality.

Linnaeus will provide valuable expertise in quality enhancement and complement Mitrovica's interest in Scotland's (QAA) interests in enhancement practice. The scale of Linnaeus is also important, since the experiences of a large-scale organisation is vital to Mitrovica in terms of management and organisation. Linnaeus will advise on procedure, offer assistance in University policy and methodology. Curriculum development (identified as a need in elements of WP4) will also provide expertise in Bologna methodology. Linnaeus may also learn from some of the post-conflict difficulties (which the University of Pristina-Kosovska Mitrovica continues to face) and how elements such difficulty are being evaluated and thought through in this proposal.

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