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Универзитет "Ла Сапиенца"

CIRPS, Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, has been founded in1988 to co-ordinate, at University level, Italian development cooperation activities. Its mission is the promotion and implementation of policies, programmes and activities related to sustainable economic and social development at national and international level. It carries out activities within international development cooperation, higher education and research with a particular focus on sustainable development, and scientific and technological services. CIRPS has a multiannual expertise in energy systems and their environmental impact, industrial power plants, renewable energies, biomedical technologies, quality and safety, mechanical technologies, capacity building in the above mentioned issues and technology transfer to SMEs. It has a strong experience in Human Resource development and it is involved in several tempus project in Balkan Countries.

There is an existing relationship between La Sapienza and UPKM and there have been several study visits in exchange. This University is valued for its considerable experience in project work, Tempus in particular. Therefore La Sapienza will have major role in applying Tempus precepts and also in sharing a wealth of experience across many facets of quality assurance. The project experience is wide and includes expertise in diagnostics. So La Sapienza will be a great value in applied logisics, measurement techniques and evaluation.

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